Convenient, affordable online group therapy

Feeling stressed, worried or anxious? We provide group therapy in a supportive online group, at convenient times. You'll learn practical ways of managing negative feelings.

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Online group therapy

You'll get 7 one-hour long sessions over 7 weeks. Feel Good is based on cognitive behavioural therapy, which helps you manage your problems by changing the way you think and behave. The course will be delivered by a Feel Good coach online in a supportive group. You will have practical exercises to take away with you from the first session.


Is it for me?

The course is for people who are feeling worried or stressed, or are having trouble sleeping. You may have tried other ways of dealing with how you’re feeling, and need something concrete which will help you in your daily life, at work or in relationships.

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Learning how to manage stress in a group is proven to be more effective that doing it alone.


Sessions are practical, you’ll learn techniques you can use today.


Your Feel Good coach will be teaching you evidence-based techniques for managing stress and anxiety.

How it works

1. Sign up for Feel Good

2. We’ll get in touch to book an assessment call

3. Join a Feel Good online group

4. Learn to manage negative thoughts and emotions

5. Practice Feel Good techniques in your daily life